September 1, 2018

Photo: SMP F4 NEZ Championship

Photo: SMP F4 NEZ Championship / Outi Talikka

SMP F4 NEZ Championship landed in Finland for the fifth round of the season. Saturday brought rain and tight situations in the first two races and the day ended with two Finnish winners.

First qualifying of the weekend was dominated by Russian Michael Belov, who was third in the Championship standings before the weekend. Belov took pole positions for both races on Saturday.

Weather forecast predicted rain before the first race and it made no mistakes. Wet conditions created situations on the track and half of the first race was driven behind the safety car. Championship leader Konsta Lappalainen took a great start and took the lead in the first corner for the rest of the race.

- It was quite an interesting race with the rain, it made a gamble of the game and it was quite tricky to drive. The start was pretty good for me, Belov had some wheel spin so I got a better start, explained Lappalainen.

The track dried out a bit for the second race in the afternoon but it didn’t slow the action down. The leading position changed on almost every lap and finally Finnish Tuomas Haapalainen was the one crossing the finishing line first.

- I had a good pace all the time and it was quite easy to pick positions one by one. I like the track in Ahvenisto because it’s challenging and it’s hard to overtake here. I’m hoping for good pace tomorrow as well, said Haapalainen.

SMP F4 NEZ Championship race weekend continues tomorrow with the second qualifying at 10.10 and the third and final race of the weekend will start at 1.00 pm.

Results, Saturday, SMP F4 NEZ Championship round 5

Race 1

1. Konsta Lappalainen (FIN) 27:27.564

2. Michael Belov (RUS) +1.664

3. Pavel Bulantsev (RUS) +2.295

4. Jesse Salmenautio (FIN) +2.619

5. Markus Laitala (FIN) +5.305

6. Aleksander Vilaev (RUS) +8.549

7. Ivan Shvetsov (RUS) +13.882

8. Tuomas Haapalainen (FIN) +14.486

9. Nikita Aleksandrov (RUS) +22.378

DNF Artem Lobanenko (RUS)

DNF Amaury Cordeel (BEL)

DNF Ivan Berets (RUS)

DNF Isac Blomqvist (SWE)

Race 2

1. Tuomas Haapalainen (FIN) +19:50.326

2. Jesse Salmenautio (FIN) +3.426

3. Pavel Bulantsev (RUS) +4.250

4. Konsta Lappalainen (FIN) +4.576

5. Michael Belov (RUS) +4.849

6. Ivan Berets (RUS) +12.193

7. Isac Blomqvist (SWE) +13.665

8. Markus Laitala (FIN) + 13.893

9. Amaury Cordeel (BEL) +15.340

10. Ivan Shvetsov (RUS) +43.139

11. Aleksander Vilaev (RUS) +51.184

12. Nikita Aleksandrov (RUS) +1 Lap

DNF Artem Lobanenko (RUS)

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Photo: SMP F4 NEZ ChampionshipPhoto: SMP F4 NEZ Championship / Tero Niemistö