August 12, 2018

Photo: SMP F4 NEZ Championship

Photo: SMP F4 NEZ Championship

The third race weekend of SMP F4 NEZ Championship ended with a Finnish fiesta. Finns Konsta Lappalainen and Tuomas Haapalainen offered a heart-stopping thriller in the final race of the weekend.

Starting from the pole for the third race Lappalainen battled with Haapalainen the whole race through, and before the last straight it almost looked like Lappalainen would have to settle for second. Everything changed on the last corner of the last race when Lappalainen saw his chance and overtook Haapalainen. The victory was sealed with a mind blowing 0,003 second margin.

- Start was pretty good again. Few first laps I could gain a bit of gap to Tuomas (Haapalainen) but then got some bad laps and Tuomas got close. I knew he wasn’t in the Championship so I let him pass quite easily and stayed behind. Tuomas was surprisingly fast so I had to turn up the volume as well.

- I couldn’t get close enough to pass him, but then his last three laps weren’t so great and on the last corner I got my chance. Tuomas said he couldn’t see me in his mirrors so it must have been difficult to defend the position. Nice victory with a small margin.

Tuomas Haapalainen drove the whole series in 2017 and came back this year to fight on the top at Moscow Raceway. He showed he still has what it takes by ending the weekend with a second position. In spite of the good result missing the first position by a minimal margin left the man unsatisfied after the final race.

- In the beginning I passed Konsta (Lappalainen) and got away but then he managed to gain more pace again. We raced all the way until the end. My mirrors were a bit twisted and I couldn’t see properly and then Konsta was able to overtake me on the last corner.

The next SMP F4 NEZ Championship weekend is not far ahead as the fourth round of the series will be driven already next weekend on 18-19 August at another raceway in Moscow, ADM Raceway.

Photo: SMP F4 NEZ Championship

Photo: SMP F4 NEZ Championship

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Photo: SMP F4 NEZ ChampionshipPhoto: SMP F4 NEZ Championship