September 22, 2018

Photo: SMP F4 NEZ Championship / Pertti Kangasniemi

Photo: SMP F4 NEZ Championship / Pertti Kangasniemi

The sixth round of SMP F4 NEZ Championship began in rainy and wet conditions at Alastaro Circuit, Finland. Finnish Championship leader Konsta Lappalainen and Russian Michael Belov were the winners of the windy day.

Saturday was kicked off with the first qualifying of the weekend. Pole position went to Russian Pavel Bulantsev, who clocked the fastest lap during the last seconds of the qualifying session. Bulatsev didn’t manage to continue the momentum in the first race where Championship leader Konsta Lappalainen waved the chequered flag first.

– The weather changed a bit during the race. It started raining which helped me but we had the speed so it was fine. The changes in the conditions have been a big challenge today because nobody knows what is going to happen next. We need to stay sharp.

Lappalainen didn’t quite manage to double his win today as Russian Michael Belov rushed in to an over seven second gap in the second race.

– It was really hard to keep a good pace and to make a good start. This is a different kind of track and demands a lot from the tires. At the end the conditions started to get dry and the wet tires didn’t work as well, I had some problems during the last minutes of the race, but I managed to keep the gap.

– Tomorrow I will try to win the qualifying because here it is difficult to overtake on dry. And win the race as well and take important points home.
SMP F4 NEZ Championship continues tomorrow at Alastaro with the second qualifying of the weekend at 10.00 am and the last race at 12.30 pm.

Results, race 1

1. Konsta Lappalainen (FIN) 26:26.118
2. Michael Belov (RUS) +0.395
3. Ivan Berets (RUS) +11.428
4. Ivan Shvetsov (RUS) +13.301
5. Pavel Bulantsev (RUS) +13.785
6. Jesse Salmenautio (FIN) +15.037
7. Isac Blomqvist (SWE) +15.278
8. Markus Laitala (FIN) +24.846
9. Artem Lobanenko (RUS) +34.312
10. Mi Maijala (FIN) +54.105
11. Jimi Hannus (FIN) +54.534
12. Aleksander Vilaev (RUS) +58.171
12. Nikita Aleksandrov (RUS) +1:03.948

Results, race 2

1. Michael Belov (RUS) 19:35.247
2. Konsta Lappalainen (FIN) +7.592
3. Isac Blomqvist (SWE) +10.632
4. Jesse Salmenautio (FIN) +13.439
5. Ivan Shvetsov (RUS) +21.599
6. Ivan Berets (RUS) +22.885
7. Markus Laitala (FIN) +30.377
8. Aleksander Vilaev (RUS) +44.503
9. Jimi Hannus (FIN) +46.250
10. Artem Lobanenko (RUS) +50.951
11. Nikita Aleksandrov (RUS) +53.328
12. Mi Maijala (FIN) +1:01.209

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Photo: SMP F4 NEZ Championship / Tero NiemistöPhoto: SMP F4 NEZ Championship / Pertti Kangasniemi