Season 2018 trophies are pieces of art from the Netherlands

May 14, 2018

SMP F4 NEZ Championship want to reward the winners with nothing less than stunning trophies. The trophies for this year are produced by a high-end trophy manufacturer Klomp & Gijzen from the Netherlands.

The company is founded by Nancy Klomp. Klomp has found her passion in water cutting after years of experience in technology industry. In her own words Klomp is not afraid to go out of the box and she thinks anything can be made if you let your imagination run free. Few years ago Nancy Klomp and Remco Gijzen joined forces and so the company got its present name Klomp & Gijzen.

The company has produced trophies for many motorsport branches such as MotoGP. In addition to trophies the company also offers design services, wall decorations and artwork.

SMP F4 NEZ Championship trophies will be handed out to top three drivers in each race.

You can get to know more of Klomp & Gijzen products on their website.

Photo: SMP F4 NEZ Championship

Photo: SMP F4 NEZ Championship

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Photo: SMP F4 NEZ ChampionshipPhoto: SMP F4 NEZ Championship