June 3, 2018

Photo: SMP F4 NEZ Championship

Photo: SMP F4 NEZ Championship

The second race weekend of the SMP F4 NEZ Championship was completed at Nring track in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, in sunny and warm conditions. The second stage of the Championship was dominated by native drivers as Michael Belov took his second win of the weekend on Sunday.

Sunday morning began with the second qualifying of the weekend. Belov took the pole with a minor margin to Finnish Konsta Lappalainen. The mechanics of both front row drivers had their work cut out for them beforehand to get the cars ready for qualifying as Belov and Lappalainen crashed on the second race on Saturday.

The grid of the third race was filled with anticipation. Yesterday Lappalainen’s car stalled on the pole position and Belov didn’t quite manage to turn his car in time. Belov hit Lappalainen in the left rear and both cars were out before the end of the first lap. Same cars were on the front line for the third race on Sunday and both drivers anxious to set the record straight this time around.

Belov had a flying start and was off to a safe lead almost immediately. Lappalainen on the other hand almost stalled yet again and found himself on the last position after the first corners. Belov had no threat from behind and was able to cruise the race through without interference.

– I was trying to keep the pace and just finish the race. I know this track very well and I like this track, many corners and less straights. This is a very technical track where you have to take care of your tires, explained Belov after the race.

Photo: SMP F4 NEZ Championship

Photo: SMP F4 NEZ Championship

Number two was Isac Blomqvist’s number for the weekend as the young Swede finished second in all races of the weekend. Blomqvist was able to drive in a secure second position in the third race with a safe gap both front and back.

– I would say it was quite a boring race. I was trying to push and catch Belov but he was just too fast for me. I was faster than Bulantsev and the guys behind so I was just trying to stay calm and not do any mistakes. It’s solid points for the Championship, said Blomqvist.

Belov’s countryman Pavel Bulantsev drove in third position all the way from the start. In the end he got some action as Ivan Shvetsov followed by Lappalainen both caught him and started to push from behind. Bulantsev was however able to keep both rivals behind.

– I was actually very nervous. I had those guys behind me and they were catching really fast. I don’t know how I managed to keep them behind, maybe because when Shvetsov was closing in he started to make mistakes, Bulantsev commented.

The next SMP F4 NEZ Championship race will be driven at Moscow Raceway in Russia on 11-12 of August.

Results for the weekend:

Race 1 / Saturday

1. Michael Belov 26:41.840
2. Isac Blomqvist +10.053
3. Ivan Shvetsov +10.411
4. Ivan Berets +14.344
5. Konsta Lappalainen +15.152
6. Pavel Bulantsev +26.275
7. Patrick Schott +26.768
8. Nikita Volegov +27.348
9. Artem Lobanenko +34.087
10. Nikita Aleksandrov +49.664
11. Aleksander Vilaev +1 lap
12. Jesse Salmenautio DNF

Race 2 / Saturday

1. Pavel Bulantsev 19:40.152
2. Isac Blomqvist +0.950
3. Ivan Shvetsov +2.587
4. Patrick Schott +5.012
5. Ivan Berets +6.034
6. Jesse Salmenautio +6.516
7. Nikita Aleksandrov +14.068
8. Nikita Volegov +16.517
9. Artem Lobanenko +23.432
10. Aleksander Vilaev +24.012
DNF Michael Belov
DNF Konsta Lappalainen

Race 3 / Sunday

1. Michael Belov 26:38.458
2. Isac Blomqvist +4.975
3. Pavel Bulantsev +17.516
4. Ivan Shvetsov +17.847
5. Konsta Lappalainen +18.301
6. Ivan Berets +22.447
7. Jesse Salmenautio +24.587
8. Artem Lobanenko +25.353
9. Patrick Schott +34.906
10. Nikita Aleksandrov +39.791
11. Aleksander Vilaev +54.541
DNF Nikita Volegov


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Photo: SMP F4 NEZ ChampionshipMaratDaminov_SMPF4_2018_Smolensk_045