August 18, 2018

Photo: SMP F4 NEZ Championship

Photo: SMP F4 NEZ Championship

On the first day of SMP F4 NEZ Championship at ADM Raceway, Russia, the tide turned as Finnish Konsta Lappalainen took the lead in the Championship. The young Finn took pole positions for both races of the day and continued his triumph by crossing the finishing line first on both races.

Prior to the fourth weekend of SMP F4 NEZ Swedish Isac Blomqvist had a narrow 10 points lead in the Championship. Lappalainen was second and after he won both races on Saturday, he ended up in 20 points lead after the first day in ADM Raceway.

The first race was stopped with red flags already on the start. Artem Lobanenko stalled on the grid and had two cars hitting him from behind. At the restart Lappalainen didn’t seem to have any problems maintaining his position in the lead all the way through.

- First race was pretty easy. There was a big crash on the first laps followed by red flags. I had a good start and few good laps and after that the gap was already quite big.

Lappalainen’s countryman and team mate Jesse Salmenautio was second in the first race and Russian Michael Below finished third.

The second race didn’t make any exceptions for Lappalainen, although he had to put in more effort this time to secure his lead.

- The second race was quite similar, although the start was quite bad. First few laps I was under pressure but then the guys started fighting behind me, so I had a chance to pull away. I will try to get the pole position tomorrow as well and drive to the victory!

Michael Belov stepped up his game for the second race with a second position and Finnish Tuomas Haapalainen was third.

SMP F4 NEZ weekend continues on Sunday with the second qualifying at 9.30 am determining the starting grid for the third race of the weekend at 12 pm.

Results, Saturday, SMP F4 NEZ Championship round 4

Race 1

1.      Konsta Lappalainen (FIN) 21:57.126
2.      Jesse Salmenautio (FIN) +5.777
3.      Michael Belov (RUS) +8.152
4.      Amaury Cordeel (BEL) +9.523
5.      Pavel Bulantsev (RUS) +10.146
6.      Isac Blomqvist (SWE) +10.380
7.      Tuomas Haapalainen (FIN) +10.680
8.      Ivan Shvetsov (RUS) +11.672
9.      Ivan Berets (RUS) +12.300
10.   Denis Bulatov (RUS) +14.306
11.   Markus Laitala (FIN) +19.803
12.   Patrick Schott (SUI) +20.955
DNF Artem Lobanenko (RUS)
DNF Aleksander Vilaev (RUS)
DNF Nikita Aleksandrov (RUS)

Race 2

1.      Konsta Lappalainen (FIN) 20:31.161
2.      Michael Belov (RUS) +5.795
3.      Tuomas Haapalainen (FIN) +6.180
4.      Jesse Salmenautio (FIN) +8.421
5.      Pavel Bulantsev (RUS) +10.083
6.      Amaury Cordeel (BEL) +10.477
7.      Isac Blomqvist (SWE) +11.386
8.      Ivan Shvetsov (RUS) +13.903
9.      Ivan Berets (RUS) +14.216
10.   Denis Bulatov (RUS) +15.301
11.   Patrick Schott (SUI) +15.533
12.   Aleksander Vilaev (RUS) +22.399
13.   Markus Laitala (FIN) +27.203
14.   Artem Lobanenko (RUS) +30.388
15.   Nikita Aleksandrov (RUS) +41.638

Photo: SMP F4 NEZ Championship

Photo: SMP F4 NEZ Championship

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Photo: SMP F4 NEZ ChampionshipPhoto: SMP F4 NEZ Championship