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Round 1 Smolensk

05-06 May, 2018

3.357 km
Lap Record
Saturday, May 5
FP1 09:00-10:00
FP2 14:00-15:00
Sunday, May 6
Q1 10:30-11:00
R1 16:00-16:30
R2 09:30-10:00
Sunday, May 6
Q2 -
R3 13:00-13:30
Onboard Lap


Free Practice 1

Pos No Name Laps Time Gap Int
164Isac Blomqvist100:00.000--
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Free Practice 2

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Qualifying 1

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Race 1

Pos No Name Laps Time Gap Int
164Isac Blomqvist1826:30:327--
220Ivan Berets1826:31.269+0.942+0.942
31Freek Schothorst1826:34.486+04.159+03.217
469Jesse Salmenautio1826:35.996+05.669+01.510
557Mikhael Belov1826:36.734+06.407+0.738
610Konsta Lappalainen1826:40.309+09.982+03.575
727Ivan Shvetsov1826:46.687+16.360+06.378
812Patrick Schott1826:49.617+19.290+02.930
92Pavel Bulantsev1826:53.278+22.951+03.661
1021Artem Lobanenko1827:03.487+33.160+10.209
1116Nikita Aleksandrov1827:05.381+35.054+01.894
1211Alexander Vilaev1827:20.294+49.967+14.913
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Race 2

Pos No Name Laps Time Gap Int
164Isac Blomqvist1420:40.145--
210Konsta Lappalainen1420:40.616+0.471+0.471
369Jesse Salmenautio1420:42.327+02.182+01.711
457Mikhael Belov1420:43.077+02.932+0.750
51Freek Schothorst1420:53.012+12.867+09.935
62Pavel Bulantsev1420:58.109+17.964+05.097
727Ivan Shvetsov1420:59.279+19.134+01.170
812Patrick Schott1420:59.575+19.430+0.296
921Artem Lobanenko1421:06.596+26.451+07.021
1011Alexander Vilaev1421:23.358+43.213+16.762
1116Nikita Aleksandrov1421:33.489+53.344+10.131
1220Ivan Berets1421:42.536+01:02.391+09.047
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Race 3

Pos No Name Laps Time Gap Int
120Ivan Berets1927:35.259--
210Konsta Lappalainen1927:39.370+04.111+04.111
31Freek Schothorst1927:39.904+04.645+0.534
457Mikhael Belov1927:40.948+05.689+01.044
564Isac Blomqvist1927:42.429+07.170+01.481
669Jesse Salmenautio1927:45.749+10.490+03.320
712Patrick Schott1928:01.229+25.970+15.480
82Pavel Bulantsev1928:04.609+29.350+03.380
921Artem Lobanenko1928:19.283+44.024+14.674
1011Alexander Vilaev1928:35.481+01:0.222+16.198
1116Nikita Aleksandrov1929:01.635+01:26.376+26.154
1227Ivan Shvetsov1320:51.983+07:16.724+09:50.348
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