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Round 7 Assen

20-22 October, 2017

4.545 km
Lap Record
Friday, October 20
FP1 09:00-10:00
FP2 14:00-15:00
Saturday, October 21
Q1 10:30-11:00
R1 16:00-16:30
R2 09:30-10:00
Sunday, October 22
Q2 -
R3 13:00-13:30
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Qualifying 1

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Race 1

Pos No Name Laps Time Gap Int
112Bent Viscaal1227:07.105 --
210Alexander Smolyar1227:09.103+01.998+01.998
310Konsta Lappalainen1227:09.758+02.653+0.655
450Juuso Puhakka1227:10.295+03.190+0.537
522Sami-Matti Trogen1227:10.407+03.302+0.112
644Sten Dorian Piirimägi1227:14.114 +07.009+03.707
77Nikita Volegov1227:15.262+08.157+01.148
832Tuomas Haapalainen1227:17.469+10.364+02.207
917Nazim Azman1227:48.494+41.389+31.025
1057Mikhael Belov1125:27.633+02:20.528+03:39.139
118Lukas Dunner717:21.162--
1227Ivan Shvetsov49:19.800 --
135Christian Lundgaard113:25.535 --
1420Ivan Berets100:00.000--
1555Gulhuseyn Abdullayev100:00.000--
166Vladimir Tziortzis100:00.000--
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Race 2

Pos No Name Laps Time Gap Int
112Bent Viscaal1020:33.533--
25Christian Lundgaard1020:38.599+05.066+05.066
310Alexander Smolyar1020:41.129+07.596+02.530
47Nikita Volegov1020:44.197+10.664+03.068
58Lukas Dunner1020:44.644+11.111+0.447
644Sten Dorian Piirimägi1020:45.614 +12.081+0.970
732Tuomas Haapalainen1020:46.788+13.255+01.174
850Juuso Puhakka1020:51.837 +18.304+05.049
922Sami-Matti Trogen1021:02.997 +29.464+11.160
106Vladimir Tziortzis1021:04.538 +31.005+01.541
1120Ivan Berets1021:05.123+31.590+0.585
1210Konsta Lappalainen1021:18.754+45.221+13.631
1357Mikhael Belov1021:20.567+47.034+01.813
1427Ivan Shvetsov1021:26.009 +52.476+05.442
1555Gulhuseyn Abdullayev1021:35.586+01:02.053+09.577
1617Nazim Azman1022:32.663+01:59.130+57.077
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Race 3

Pos No Name Laps Time Gap Int
15Christian Lundgaard1426:13.639--
212Bent Viscaal1426:23.155+09.516+09.516
357Mikhael Belov1426:23.602+09.963+0.447
432Tuomas Haapalainen1426:24.109+10.470+0.507
522Sami-Matti Trogen1426:26.172+12.533+02.063
610Alexander Smolyar1426:26.653+13.014+0.481
744Sten Dorian Piirimägi1426:27.329+13.690+0.676
850Juuso Puhakka1426:28.439+14.800+01.110
98Lukas Dunner1426:29.322+15.683+0.883
1010Konsta Lappalainen1426:30.575+16.936+01.253
116Vladimir Tziortzis1426:34.409+20.770+03.834
127Nikita Volegov1426:34.740+21.101+0.331
1327Ivan Shvetsov1426:50.381+36.742+15.641
1455Gulhuseyn Abdullayev1427:05.297+51.658+14.916
1517Nazim Azman1427:18.929+01:05.290+13.632
1620Ivan Berets713:45.733--
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